How to Get Rid of Addiction

Addiction is a powerful disease that many individuals struggle to fend off each and every day. Others that have never dealt with alcohol abuse think that it is as simple as hiding a bottle or going on a detox for a few days. The hold alcohol has on individuals afflicted with addiction makes it nearly impossible to go without drinking, and problems can be exacerbated by underlying traumas that led to developing the addiction in the first place. Genetics also play a role in who is affected by addiction and to what extent, as well as the environment an individual is around throughout their life.

Alcoholics Anonymous helps substance abusers battle their addiction by following the 12 Steps, and they employ 12 Traditions to make their organization solely focused on the recovery and support of individuals that want to stop drinking. Following the 12-Step program as well as the Twelve Traditions can lead to salvation from alcohol addiction and a much better quality of life that is not affected by alcohol abuse.

What Are the Twelve Steps?

The 12 Steps simply state that an alcoholic has given up their power over their lives and their addiction to God, in whatever form of worship individuals believe in. Once they have turned all the power over to their representation of God, He shall deliver them from their disease and bring about honest and sincere change. It encourages support, courage, strength, unity, honesty, and repentance. Individuals must make amends with people they have done wrong and must do so directly whenever it will not bring harm to themselves or other individuals involved.

  • ¬†Admit you are powerless over alcohol and that your life is out of control.
  • Believe that a higher Power can release you from the hold alcohol has over you.
  • Make the decision to turn over your life and your will to God, in whatever form He may take.
  • Search within yourself fearlessly and be forever introspective.
  • Admit your wrongdoings to God and others, including yourself.
  • Become ready for God to remove all flaws and shortcomings.
  • Go to Him humbly and ask to be cleansed.
  • Make a list of people you have wronged and made amends.
  • Take inventory of yourself and improve wherever possible.
  • Seek to deepen your connection to God through prayer and meditation and improve your understanding of Him.
  • Experience a spiritual awakening that comes as a result of these steps, and spread your message to alcoholics.

What Are the Twelve Traditions?

The Twelve Traditions are the set of rules that keep AA an independent and unorganized group. Local meetings are to take place regularly and without sponsorship, and AA is not to be promoted on any type of media source. Privacy is stressed, as individuals must live their lives outside of AA without interference. No type of financial help is to be accepted by people or organizations outside of AA to avoid problems with money or property.

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