Recovery and Treatment Centers in Florida

Joplin Recovery Center, Florida

The Joplin Recovery Center focuses on diagnosing coexisting disorders and choosing a treatment that addresses all needs of patients. They treat the physical and mental conditions associated with drug and alcohol abuse, like anxiety or psychosis that can develop from heavy use of substances. The center is secluded, so residents can get away from any distractions and focus solely on their health and recovery. The JRC believes each and every individual is capable of recovery, and the main philosophy they follow is a 90-30 method. This gives patients 30 days to get rid of the substance within the body, 30 to go consistently without the substance, and 30 more to prepare for life after the substance.

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Addiction Center of Florida, Florida

Addiction Center of Florida is a national health provider that focuses on the treatment and rehabilitation of individuals struggling with substance abuse. They provide an initial assessment and supervised detox programs. Residential housing is available, as is aftercare for patients that have moved on from the treatment center. ACF is wholly committed to patients and their recovery. They believe that successful treatment comes from resolving the underlying causes of addiction, not just treating the symptoms. There are facilities located all around Florida in counties such as Broward and Dade. The ACF gives each resident the tools they need to effectively heal and nurture the mind as well as the body.

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Coconut Creek Treatment Center, Florida

Coconut Creek Treatment Center has a comprehensive treatment and recovery program that incorporates counseling and the care of a physician. This approach allows the facility to assess and treat addictions and any co-occurring issues that patients are experiencing. CCTC is goal-oriented, striving for long-term success for residents and their continued recovery. The staff available experiences and work closely with patients to guide them through the admissions process, their treatment, and offer aftercare to keep them on the right path when treatment is over.

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Florida Center for Drug and Alcohol Recovery, Florida

Florida Center for Drug and Alcohol Recovery primarily deals with substance abuse and alcohol addiction. The FCDAR aims to help each person that wishes to be free of their addiction by adhering to a strict policy of abstinence. Abstinence leads to long-term sobriety, making recovery more effective for individuals that have struggled with their addiction. FCDAR also provides full-time caseworkers to assist residents with getting themselves presentable for the outside world, and to deal with any other issues that can hinder patients’ paths to having a fulfilled life.

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Spirit River Recovery, Florida

Spirit River Recovery is located in the most private area they could manage, providing residents with a safe and secluded inpatient facility so they can focus on their health and recovery. They will relax in a safe space with a calming environment that promotes a feeling of trust and serenity. SRR gives individuals the option of their unique Equine Psychotherapy treatment, that encourages patient rehabilitation through interactions with horses. The treatment also helps rebuild their physical and mental strength as they continue to battle their addiction.

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